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Welcome to Flash Point Controls (P) Ltd.

Flash Point Controls (P) Ltd. is a multi-facet Technology Company with a focus on catering to the emerging requirements of Fire Security Systems in all fields of application.
Founded in Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) India, by a person of long experience in the field of Fire Security Industry (after having served at senior position in the Eastern Region for over a decade in the country’s most reputed & pioneer organization & one of the top ranking in the world) it has a team of well-qualified, trained & experienced professionals, making it a preferred System Integrator for Small, Large and Complex Projects.

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Who We are

We Are Flash Point Controls (P) Ltd.

Having over Two Decades’ of varied experience in the competitive industry; we have gained huge domain expertise in offering Fire Security systems to our country
Our basket of solutions consist of: Fire Detection & Alarm Systems; Fire Hydrant System; Fire Sprinkler System; High/Medium Velocity Water Spray System; Fire Suppression System; First Aid Fire Protection System & supplies; Restoration & Rectification of existing systems to name a few. Apart from these we also provide value added services such as Concept & Feasibility Study Report / Fire Audits with TAC Accreditation, Operation & Maintenance Services, Theoretical & Practical Training Classes, etc.

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Our Services

Fire Detection & Alarm system, Fire Hydran System, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Water Spray System, Fire Suppression System, Fire Protection System, Restoration & Rectification of Existing Systems, Annual Maintenance Contract, Theoretical Cum Practical Training

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Fire Services

Pipeline corrosion is caused by the interaction of oxygen and water inside metal pipe that may ultimately result in M.I.C. (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion).
Once fire sprinkler corrosion is microbiologically influenced, the process accelerates radically. Eventually the sprinkler system's ability to perform as designed becomes diminished. The first symptom of excessive corrosion is usually objectionable odour and an unnatural flush of the water drained from the system. By the time leaks occur the pipe has begun to perforate. Left unattended, system piping will ultimately require total replacement. Periodical maintenance / servicing elongate the life of the system.

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Features & Services

Tested on various quality parameters such as efficiency, workmanship and design
as per the industry standards, our range has carved a niche in the market.

  • Fire Detection & Alarm system

    Most fires turn out to be devastating due to delayed

  • Fire Hydrant System

    Flash Point Controls, over the years, has built a reputation of making excellent Design

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

    According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics, damages.

  • Water Spray System

    We offer Hydro Spray System in two types – High and Medium as per clients requirements.

  • Fire Suppression System

    Gaseous fire suppression is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire.

  • Fire Protection System

    Our First Aid Fire Protection System (Extinguishers & Equipments) are sourced

  • Annual Maintaince Contract

    Pipeline corrosion is caused by the interaction of oxygen and water inside metal pipe

  • Theoretical Cum Practical Training

    To add glory to it, we also impart theoretical cum practical training to the inhabitants

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